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Making Pink Lemonade...or Porcupines out of Lemons

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This February life handed us some lemons. We received legal papers suggesting a potential issue with our new Pure Joy business name. At first this was very disheartening since we had just changed the name in early 2017, after 9 years as Natural Joy, and have spent the past 12 months in our new home of Elko, NV diligently promoting our shop. You may wonder why we changed our name after so many years. The reason is that we moved in to an awesome retail space right next door to Natural Nutrition, the local health food store that's been around for 30 years. Since we had to get all new state and local business licenses anyway we figured we'd change the name to lessen any confusion between the two shops. When we consulted with our attorney about the recent legal papers they suggested it would be best for us to change the name. Coming up with a new name was not an easy task. After several weeks of brainstorming and research we finally made our choice. It's fun and quirky and I'm actually very excited about it! The name incorporates both the hot pink color we've become known for at our previous Salt Lake City, UT locations as well as my most interesting childhood pet. Growing up in rural New Mexico my family had the unique opportunity to raise a baby porcupine, an experience I'll never forget. So I am happy to announce that our new name is... PINK PORCUPINE Bath & Body Shoppe! We should have all of the changes made by the middle to end of April and will make sure that both of our previous websites direct customers to the new one. Our 10th Anniversary also happens to be this month on Earth Day. It's been an amazing journey over the years and we feel truly blessed to be here helping people discover products they can feel great about using. Now I think it's time to go enjoy that refreshing glass of pink lemonade!

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